Special Session #10

Symmetries and Conservation Laws for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Applications

Stephen Anco1, Maria Rosa2, Salvador Chulian2, Maria Luz Gandarias2

1Department of Mathematics and Statistics Brock University, St. Catharina On l2s3a1 , Canada, sanco@brocku.ca
2Department of Mathematics, University of Cadiz, Puerto Real, Spain, marialuz.gandarias@uca.es

The aim of this special session will be to report on recent developments in mathematical oncology and applications of mathematical models arising, symmetry analysis, conservation law analysis  and exact solutions with applications to nonlinear PDEs of physical and medical interest. High-quality presentations that contain original research results are encouraged.

The organizers invite to search for exact solutions of nonlinear models  and  to submit original work in mathematical models in cancer obtained from development, analysis, and simulation of mathematical models based on ordinary differential equations, dynamical systems, partial differential equations and others.