Special Session #4


Fractional Signal Processing

Manuel Ortigueira
NOVA School of Science and Technology, UNINOVA-CTS and LASI, NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal

mdo at uninova.pt

This session is dedicated to the twofold objective: bring signal processing procedures to the fractional calculus world and generalize traditional signal processing  tools by incorporating fractional behaviour. This implies the use of fractional tools that do not enter in contradiction with those used since a long time ago in signal processing. Both continuous and discrete -time systems are interesting as well as their interconversion and equivalence. The use of correlation function leads to the need for two-sided derivatives which will be useful in modelling practical spectra. Papers about these subjects are welcome.


  • Time and frequency responses
  • ARMA type modelling and identification, both continuous and discrete-time
  • Initial conditions
  • Causal and two-sided systems
  • Tempered systems
  • Science and engineering applications
  • Scale invariant systems.