Special Session #8

Mathematics courses: Blackboard teaching or 21st-century teaching?

Maria M. Nascimento and Paula Catarino
Department of Mathematics from the School of Science and Technology of the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

Abdulwahed et al. (2012) stated that “Mathematics teaching (…) in higher education has long embraced traditional methods: non-interactive ways of teaching mathematics (ways in which the student is the receiver of delivery from the teacher, but only minimally a participant).”

Now we are in 2023, AI is here, and our students access ChatGTP (or similar) daily. Shall we continue to do the same in our classrooms? What news can we bring to the higher education teachers’ community to get them interested in 21st-century changes? How do we search for high-quality research into teaching and learning mathematics at the university level? How do we search for high-quality teaching and mathematics learning at the university level? What do we research, and what does research tell us about teaching mathematics at the university? how do we support university students’ learning of mathematics through the development of learning strategies, attitudes towards learning and mathematics, and use of mathematics in real-world contexts, application of research results, and special efforts to support individual students’ efforts to improve their performance? We raised those questions and hope we will chalenge all of you – mathematics teachers of higher education – to have a special session discussing this and other issues of the current mathematics courses in higher education.

 Abdulwahed, Mahmoud, Barbara Jaworski, and Adam Crawford. “Innovative approaches to teaching mathematics in higher education: a review and critique.” (2012).