Fractional Functional Analysis and Applications
Emanuel Guaraglia

Wenzhou-Kean University, China; Kean University,
USA; São Paulo State University, Brazil; email: eguarigl at kean.edu


This session is dedicated to recent advances in fractional functional analysis.
Several fractional operators found many real-world applications due to
their properties of interpolation between operators of integer order. Nowadays,
fractional functional analysis plays the role of link between fractional
calculus, wavelet analysis, fractal geometry and more in general, between
different fields of applied functional analysis.
The participants of the session are invited to submit original results in
in the following (but not limited to) topic:

  • List of topic of interest
  • Orbits, attractors and fractional calculus
  • Leibniz algebras, Lie algebras, fractional calculus and function spaces
    of symmetric functions
  • Fractional differential calculus on manifolds
  • Commutators of fractional integral operators
  • Strange attractors, fractal sets and fractional models
  • Fractional calculus, function space and approximation theory
  • Fractional functional models in applied science