CC BY-NC-ND “Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR”
The one-day MATHMET satellite workshop will be targeting measurement uncertainty (MU) training as a specific topic of interest and contributions to advances in the education and understanding of MU are welcome. It will also include a session on a Quality Management System for software, data, and guidelines. It is planned that part of that session will include an update by partners in the MATHMET Joint Network Project on the work undertaken within that project to develop such a QMS and apply it to various illustrative use cases. An objective of the session is also to gather input and feedback from potential stakeholders in the MATHMET European Metrology Network on that work. Contributions are encouraged that include but are not limited to:
     . surveys/discussions on training activities, experiences or unmet needs
     . insights into didactics, innovative concepts or tools for teaching
     . introductions to new courses, training material, software, etc.
     . self-standing teaching samples on methods, examples, etc
     . relationships to Standards, and accreditation and regulatory schemes
     . good practice in applying a QMS
     . tools to support the use of a QMS
     . use cases with lessons learned