CC BY-NC-ND “Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR”
The gala dinner will take place at the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation. 
The Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, private foundation of general interest, based in Vila Nova de Famalicão, was established at the initiative of Arthur Cupertino de Miranda (1892-1988) and his wife, D. Elzira Celeste Maya de Sá Cupertino de Miranda, (1892-1978) who affected personal property and constituted it by statutes of 15 August 1963, approved by the guardianship on 2 October 1963. The idea that presided over the creation of the Foundation and the objectives it statutoryly has in mind are embodied in the first words of an autograph of the Founder, reproduced on a panel of tiles: "Temple of Art, Culture and Goodness, be, in my homeland: Praise to Work, Honor to Knowledge, Hymn to Love, Witness of devotement to this People. Arthur Cupertino de Miranda, 1970.".