June 17, 2015
Divulgation action for under-graduate students (ISEP)
Joilson Ramos-Jesus (UFPI), Juliana Sousa (UPE), Fátima Barroso (ISEP)
Functionalization of Fe3O4@Au core-shell nanoparticles  for the electrochemical detection of soybean RR.

February - May 2014

Lorena Manzanares from UCM (Spain) was at ISEP and ICETA (both in Porto, Portugal) for a four month training period. In this training we shared knowledge concerning genetically modified organisms, molecular biology and the design of genosensors.

from left to right:
Fátima Barroso (ISEP)
Lorena Manzanares (UCM)
Cristina Delerue-Matos (ISEP, project leader)
Alexandra Plácido (PhD student from REQUIMTE).