The third workshop of the GMOsensor project took place at the organized system group ("Grupo de Sistemas Organizados" - GSO), Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto (UNRC), Rio Cuarto, Argentina, and was attended by researchers from almost all the institutions involved in the project.

From: ISEP - Fátima Barroso; UNIOVI - Maria Jesus Castañón Lobo; Noemi de los Santos Álvarez, Rebeca Miranda Castro; UPE - José Ribeiro Santos Júnior, Juliana Sousa; Suely Moura Melo; UFPI - Joilson Ramos Jesus and UNRC - Patricia Molina, Mariano Correa; Fernando Moyano, Dario Falcone, Alejandra Luna, Emmanuel Odella, Marcos Faria.

Group Photo The Audience
Opening Session
Patricia Molina and Rosa Cattana (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina)
Opening Session and Presentation of the Project
Noemí de los Santos Álvarez (UNIOVI, Oviedo, Spain)
 GSO: Group presentation
Mariano Correa (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina)
Comparison of different platforms for the electrochemical genosensors development
M. Fátima Barroso (ISEP, Porto, Portugal)
Superparamagnetic core-shell nanoparticles synthesis and their use as electrochemical platform for the screening of genetically modified organisms
Emmanuel Odella (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina)
 A plackett–burman design for optimization of the analytical variables on the development of a genoassay for the transgenic soybean detection
Joilson Ramos-Jesus (UFPI, Parnaíba, Brazil)
Discussion and reasonable doubt on the principle of substantial equivalence of foods derived from GMOs vs Non-GMOs
Ignacio A. Origlia (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina)
Incidence of the use of genetically modified organisms on the quality of bee products and on apis mellifera distribution
Fabiana D´Eramo (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina)
 The use of vesicles into the design of electrochemical sensors
Fernando Moyano (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina)
Nanoparticle-mediated amplification for electrochemical detection of DNA in GMO monitoring
Maria Jesus Lobo Castañón (UNIOVI, Oviedo, Spain) 
 Nature-inspired DNA amplification strategies combined with electrochemical genosensors for on-site screening of GM crops
Rebeca Miranda Castro (UNIOVI, Oviedo, Spain)
Aptamers as alternative receptors for transgenic proteins: expanding the analytical tool box for GMO detection
Noemí de los Santos Álvarez (UNIOVI, Oviedo, Spain) 
 Development of an electrochemical nanomagneto genoassay for the maize endogenous HMGA gene detection
José Ribeiro Junior (UPE, Brasil)
Development of new analytical tools for GMO detection: obtention of antibodies for an electrochemical immunosensor
Marcos Farias (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina) 
Ionic Liquids in soft confinement. Creating alternative green organized systems
Dario Falcone (UNRC, Rio Cuarto, Argentina)