Water policy-makers, water users of all sectors, scientists and academics, top managers, consultants and other professionals from all over the world, as well as young water professionals, are invited to present state-of-the-art communications on leading challenges in water management, supply and sanitation, finance and policy, focusing mainly the balance of Economics, Engineering and Statistics, the vertices of a desirable triangle (E²S) oriented to an enhanced urban water cycle management. the main subject and target-topics are as follows.
Is E²S* the virtuous triangle for urban water cycle integrated management? 
  (*) E²S – Economics, Engineering, Statistics    
Water resources management ·
- Sustainable management of water resources
- Decision-making frameworks to meet increasing uncertainties due to climate change
- Disaster risk management (droughts and flooding)
- Circular economy in the water cycle
- “Digital water” approaches and implementations
Water governance, regulation, and institutional frameworks
- Tools for good governance
- Indicators for good water governance
Water statistics and data collection methods
- Data-collection strategy, sources and methods
- Metadata and data quality
Urban and rural water supply and sanitation ·
- Financing urban water cycle
- Efficient water tariff structures and affordability
- Assessing utilities and systems dealing with the urban water cycle
Agricultural / Industrial water management
- Improving water productivity
- Adaptation strategies for water management under climate change
- Environmental impacts of agricultural / industrial water demand