• Please come to the room during the coffee break prior to the session. .
  • This  session will include multiple presentations.
  • Presenters will have 3 minutes for their presentations.
  • There will be an extra time at the end of the session for questions/discussion.
  • Please be respectful of your fellow presenters and their allocated time by staying within the time allowed and complying with the session chairs if they ask you to wrap up.



As set out in the program, on the 1st day of the conference, there is one sessions of 30 minutes, where enterprises and entrepreneurs may make a quick presentation of products and/or services they wish to disclose.
Each presentation will have a duration of 3 minutes. The number of presentations is limited to the time available in the program.
The presentations will be subject to a selection to be made by the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee, taking into account the information of each proposal submitted through the following form.