1. Session will start with all delegates in Auditório Magno. 

   Warm-up period with a few slides (< 3 min.), to "think about it …".

2. Delegates will work in separate Groups (around ten members) with a Moderator (list of groups will be supplied at the event) – duration: 30 min.

  - Groups 1 and 2 go to Room H

  - Groups 3 to 6 go to the Foyer of Auditório Magno (main entrance)

  - Groups 7 to 10 work in separate corners of Auditório Magno

3.Objectives: each group discusses and answers an Inquiry of 6 questions, with the Moderator’s support / coordination. All delegates answer on their phones, tablets or computers. Each question will have 5 min. to be discuss and voted.  

4. Organizers will be receiving information of the answers.

5. All delegates come back to the main room. 

6. Results will be displayed on screen.

7.Organizers will lead the discussion (45 min.) with the help of Moderators, and above all with the audience engagement.


To open or print the THINK TANK Programme's pdf file please click . > PROGRAMME (pdf)