Water policy-makers, water users of all sectors, scientists and academics, utilities’ managers, consultants and other professionals from all over the world, as well as young water professionals, are invited to present stateof-the-art communications related to rethinking treatment with asset management for improved performance, long-term planning of investments towards evolving demands and profiting from digital transformation. Main target subjects and topics are:

MAIN SUBJECT Asset Management for effective water treatment and reuse  



· Analyzing water / wastewater systems to assess sustainability and service levels compliance
· Water / wastewater system analysis for decision making on renewal investments
· Adapting water / wastewater treatment to face evolving demands during system life-cycle
· Asset management approaches oriented to climate change impacts on water infrastructures
· Asset management approaches oriented to emerging pollutants’ impacts
· Risk management as a driver for water / wastewater treatment renewal strategies
· Energy efficiency as a driver for improving water / wastewater treatment plants and systems
· Water reuse as a driver for improving wastewater treatment
· Nutrients’ recovery as a driver for improving wastewater treatment
· Best practices in investment prioritisation in water / wastewater treatment systems
· Life cycle cost assessment: data and methodologies
· Public policies and regulation on water / wastewater treatment as drivers for systems’ sustainability
· Solutions for sustainable water / wastewater systems in developing regions
· Information systems and solutions to support long-term planning in treatment systems
· Asset Management within the “Digital water” transformation
· The internet of Things (ioT) beyond asset management approaches
· Rethinking water treatment towards a circular economy