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ISEP leads European consortium - e-Hospital4Future - funded by EU4Health program

(Published on Out 23, 2023)


Students from the Systems Engineering Bachelor's finish their internship project within the PHYNHANCAI project

(Published on Jul 26, 2023)


SH4ALL Event to Showcase Innovative Healthcare Solutions at Nova SBE Cascais on June 28th

(Published on Jun 26, 2023)


IEEE@Home Blockchain Series - Exploring the Future of Blockchain Solutions for Sustainability on Carbon Credits

(Published on Jun 26, 2023)


ISRC promotes workshop on the PRISMA methodology

(Published on Mai 19, 2023)


ISEP leads European consortium e-Hospital4Future

(Published on Abr 6, 2023)


Bolsa de Investigação PHYNHANCAI

(Published on Mar 23, 2023)


Research Scholarship Announcement

(Published on Fev 12, 2023)


José Carlos Quadrado - Medal of Honour NCE Italy

(Published on Nov 22, 2022)


Bolsas de Investigação

(Published on Ago 8, 2021)


Award of Research Fellowship in the Mad@Work Project

(Published on Jul 28, 2021)


ISEP is in the final stage of DigiEduHack2020

(Published on Mar 19, 2021)


Results: Network of Good Practices for Attracting Female Students for Engineering

(Published on Mar 5, 2021)


Workshop: Network of Good Practices for Attracting Female Students for Engineering

(Published on Fev 17, 2021)


Gathering - "Post-Covid Era: What lessons can we learn from the pandemics of the past"

(Published on Dez 21, 2020)


DigiEduHack 2020

(Published on Dez 16, 2020)


P.PORTO researcher in the list of the most cited worldwide

(Published on Dez 1, 2019)


P.PORTO Pro-President receives SEFI Fellowship Award

(Published on Nov 13, 2019)


BullyBan wins the Poliempreende Contest

(Published on Out 28, 2019)


Projeto “Aprender a programar”

(Published on Out 24, 2019)


Conferência QS WORLDWIDE 2019

(Published on Out 24, 2019)


Master Class: Blockchain for Business: Disruption or Evolution?

(Published on Out 17, 2018)


Master Class: Circular Economy

(Published on Out 12, 2018)


Workshop on Funding Opportunities

(Published on Out 9, 2018)


Scientific Writing Workshop

(Published on Set 24, 2018)


International Conferences at ISEP

(Published on Set 20, 2018)