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The Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center (ISRC) arises as consequence of the numerous challenges emerging from current global social, political, financial and ecological contexts. These problems ask for holistic solutions based on research that transcends academic disciplines and can respond to real complex problems.

ISRC competences and resources encompassing a wide spectrum of research areas have been pooled together to promote its mission that consists in contributing and participating in the development of sustainable solutions to current and emerging challenges.


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Barcelona: e-Hospital4Future, an EU-funded research project, celebrated its successful second transnational meeting in Barcelona on March 22, marking a significant milestone as it entered its second year.

(Published on Abr 25, 2024)

The e-Hospital4Future project, led by Prof Ana Madureira, aims to revolutionize healthcare training with innovative modules. Celebrating its one-year milestone, the project has made strides in pilot programs, engaging over 70 healthcare professionals and shaping 19 courses to enhance digital solutions for better patient care.

(Published on Abr 24, 2024)

The "Blended Intensive Programme" (BIP) event, focusing on "Digital and Sustainable Manufacturing – Quality Management," recently convened at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) under the new Erasmus+ program. Hosting classes and workshops on technology and sustainability, it promoted knowledge sharing among European academics, aiming to shape sustainable business strategies and foster international collaboration. Collaborations with Bosch and the Porto City Council further enriched the event with workshops and cultural immersion.

(Published on Abr 23, 2024)

In Braga, Portugal, the European Commission's Direct Management Programmes event unveiled significant funding for Portugal's EU4Health projects, with e-Hospital4Future securing 20% of the 5M€ funding, highlighting the country's prowess in managing demanding consortia.

(Published on Out 23, 2023)

Systems Engineering students Fábio Gomes and Rogério Silva excelled in their PHYNHANCAI internship projects on July 25, 2023

(Published on Jul 26, 2023)