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ISEP leads European consortium - e-Hospital4Future - funded by EU4Health program

Out 23, 2023


In Braga, Portugal, the European Commission's Direct Management Programmes event unveiled significant funding for Portugal's EU4Health projects, with e-Hospital4Future securing 20% of the 5M€ funding, highlighting the country's prowess in managing demanding consortia.

Braga, Portugal - On October 17, 2023, the prestigious Altice Forum in Braga played host to a remarkable event centered around the European Commission's Direct Management Programmes. Themed 'What Funding in the 2022-2027 Cycle?' this event served as a platform to unveil a multitude of funding prospects earmarked for the upcoming years. A focal point of the day was the dedicated session on Competitiveness, Technology, and Innovation, led by Dr. Inês Tavares Ferreira from SGMS, who presented the EU4Health Programme, a vital initiative designed to bolster healthcare across Europe.

Of the 22 proposals that received approval, Portuguese partners emerged as victors, securing a substantial share of approximately €5 million in funding. The standout achiever among them was the e-Hospital4Future project, which clinched an impressive €1 million, marking a significant 20% of the total funding allocation for Portugal. This accomplishment underscores Portugal's prowess in effectively managing consortia of demanding programs such as EU4Health. Furthermore, it's worth noting that the project led by ISEP is among the select few with Portuguese leadership, reaffirming the nation's capability to navigate and administer challenging initiatives.

In a fitting acknowledgment of their accomplishments, SGMS chose to spotlight the e-Hospital4Future project during this significant event. This success reflects not only the excellence of the projects but also Portugal's commitment to advancing healthcare innovation and competitiveness. The event left a lasting impression, heralding a promising future for healthcare initiatives under the EU4Health Programme in Portugal.

The project e-Hospital4Future - Building future through an innovated and digital skilled hospital (ref: 101101190), led by Professor @Ana Madureira from ISEP, aims to create, disseminate and implement training modules for clinical and  non-clinical  health professionals in a hospital environment. The proposal presented will have a duration of 24 months and a total investment of €2,950,491.60 (80% funded), supported by the European Union under the EU4Health programme.


e-Hospital4Future aims to contribute to the training process, from an Upskill perspective of health professionals, combining social skills modules (e.g. leadership, stress handling, teamwork), digital skills (e.g. digital health, digital governance, internet of medical things) and technical skills (e.g. use of artificial intelligence/mixed reality in a surgical context, use of pacemakers, ECMO), which will be adapted to the reality of each country/hospital.


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