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ISRC promotes workshop on the PRISMA methodology

Mai 19, 2023


On May 17, 2023, Thursday, at 8:30, the online workshop on "Systematic Literature Review using the PRISMA methodology" took place, promoted by the Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center (ISRC).

On Thursday, May 17, 2023, at 8:30, the Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center (ISRC) organized an online workshop on "Systematic Literature Review using the PRISMA methodology." The event provided researchers with valuable insights and practical tools to conduct systematic reviews effectively.

The workshop, facilitated by Luís Brito Relvas from ISCTE, IUL, aimed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to employ the PRISMA methodology in their research. Attendees, including PhD, master's, and undergraduate students, as well as teachers and researchers, gathered virtually to benefit from Relvas' expertise in bibliographic research.

During the workshop, participants delved into the principles and guidelines outlined by PRISMA for conducting systematic literature reviews. They learned about the structured approach that PRISMA offers, enabling comprehensive reporting of research methodologies, data extraction processes, and statistical analyses. By adhering to these guidelines, researchers can enhance the transparency, rigor, and reproducibility of their systematic reviews.

The online format of the workshop allowed attendees to actively engage with the material and participate in interactive sessions. Under the guidance of Luís Brito Relvas, participants gained practical experience in applying the PRISMA methodology to their own research projects. This hands-on approach ensured that attendees could integrate the newly acquired skills into their academic work effectively.

The workshop, organized by the Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center (ISRC), received positive feedback from participants. Many expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and highlighted the workshop's relevance to their ongoing research endeavors. Participants left the event equipped with a deeper understanding of the PRISMA methodology and a renewed enthusiasm for conducting high-quality systematic literature reviews.

By promoting effective research practices, workshops like these contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the overall quality of academic research. The Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center (ISRC) remains committed to supporting researchers and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.