The Museum of Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto was created at 1998.

This space was created based on an old desire of collecting and exhibiting a precious collection of scientific and educational instruments which demonstrate, in a clear way, the scientific and technical evolution on experimental education since the creation of the Industrial School (Escola Industrial) in 1852.

The collection works almost as a time machine where the great technological advances of the past centuries can be appreciated.

Going from Physics with its optical, electrostatic, hydrodynamic, heat and acoustic instruments to Electrotechnics with the electrical measures devices, telegraphs and motors; Mining and Metallurgy with its ovens and scale models; Mechanics with the steam machines; Chemistry, enhancing the precision balances and several laboratorial instruments; Hydraulic devices like the paddle-wheels; Civil Engineering, enhancing bridges and other constructions scale models; Descriptive Geometry models and also to the several plaster models in the Drawing Section. Here one can find the whole history of the last 150 years of engineering and its teaching in its several areas.

Besides this collection, the museum has a library with more than two thousand books, with some bibliographic rarities like the Diderot and Alembert encyclopaedia, a precious Musschenbroeck physics book or an architecture book of Leon Battista Alberti and an archive that contains several documents, like correspondence, documents of the directors entrance into office, minutes, among other documents, since the creation of Porto Industrial School.