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The Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center (ISRC) arises as consequence of the numerous challenges emerging from current global social, political, financial and ecological contexts. These problems ask for holistic solutions based on research that transcends academic disciplines and can respond to real complex problems.

ISRC competences and resources encompassing a wide spectrum of research areas have been pooled together to promote its mission that consists in contributing and participating in the development of sustainable solutions to current and emerging challenges.


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Researchers are increasingly likely to receive invitations to review papers. It is an important task and a relevant service to the scientific community, but it requires high-level skills and the learning curve can be difficult. This workshop shares several insights collected in the vast literature published about this topic and steers  potential reviewers about how to review technical papers.

(Published on Set 24, 2018)


From the 13th to the 15th of december 2018, the following conferences will take place at ISEP and are directly supported by ISRC: HIS'2018, 18th Hybrid Intelligent Systems, SOCPAR'2018, 10th Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition and IAS’2018, 13th International Conference on Information Assurance and Security

(Published on Set 20, 2018)